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My TV has power problems on 12 Volts what can I check?

There can be a number of things to check, but the first thing we need to do is prove the TV is ok.

To do this, use the AC Power pack supplied with the TV, run the TV on AC and if the TV has no issues then you can be certain it is an issue with power “getting” to the TV. If the TV still has problems using the AC power Pack contact our support team we will be more than happy to help you out.

This can be related to these issues.


1.            The Cigarette socket

2.            The connections to the cigarette socket

3.            The wiring to the Cigarette socket.

4.            The connection of the wire at the source that goes to the Cigarette socket.


This is a list of the issues that cause the problem:


1.            The Cigarette socket is rated at 5Amp

                               However the rating is for only 50% power – which means it can handle 2.5Amps constantly.

                               This is too low as the TV will pull 2.4Amps and any issues in the wiring will cause the current to increase.

               Solution replace the socket with a 10Amp or 15Amp Cigarette socket.


2             The connection to the back of the socket are not on properly.

                               Ensure that the wires are “soldered” as this is the preferred option.

                               If they put on with crimps or lugs – check the connections.

               Best Solution – Solder wires or replace the crimps and lugs with New Ones.


3.            The Wiring to the Cigarette socket is poor.

                               Check the see the quality of cable is not corroded

                               Check to make sure the cable can handle 10A to 15Amp continuous.

                               If the cable is rated at 5Amps then you need to replace this it is too light and it is heating up and dropping voltage when too hot.

               Best Solution is to increase the cable rating and replace the cable.


4.            Check the cable connection where it gets the power source from.

                               This will be in a terminal strip somewhere.

                               If the wires do not go directly into the terminal strip but go through a Lug or crimp replace these.

               Best solution – do not use lug or crimp when connecting to terminal strip go directly into the strip and therefore removes one connection from the wiring.